So after hearing a rumor yesterday that we are changing our Pro Lites over to the "lope" LS3 the brass here wants to make it clear. With 4 Pro Lites, 2 Regional legal and 2 National legal, 5 @nogrady_racing_engines Mopar's and 1 @nogrady_racing_engines Ford we have ZERO intention of converting ANY of our trucks this season or for next at this time.
Got the 2nd fresh @nogrady_racing_engines Mopar back and ready for 2018!
Throwback to 20 years ago. 1998 Glen Helen Short Course Racing put on by Bob Beyer and BBM marketing promotions. The first official CORR race was held at Glen Helen for the "Winter Series". That's your December 31 Sunday fun fact.
Thats how you work on a championship right there. Led wire to wire! Sea Biscuit has a little left in her. 👊
Almost time to open up shop!
Here's how the races start in Crandon!!! #Repost @3n1motorsports
Getting in a few autographs here at the parade!
Good in traffic, or best offer.


Take a ride in the @trophylite off the start of the @bestinthedesert #silverstate300! Getting geared up for #vegastoreno in a few months!
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Got to run the best!
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Next stop for the @winnermotorsportsgroup team, @crandonoffroad! We’ll be battling for that @mwshortcourse Championship all year long!
🚙💨 On our way to the silt bed! 😂 // 🎥- @turn2tv
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Just finishing this race was an accomplishment yesterday after making some mistakes. Started first off the line and was in the lead all day until race mile 138. Buried the truck to the frame in the silt bed so @ryanrantzow and I spent a couple hours trying dig it out. After that we got a flat around mile 185 but kept on going and still ended up finishing 7th! Congrats to @ryanwinner_6068 and @barrybk7211 on the win. Have to give a HUGE shoutout to @ron1797 and his team for stopping to pull us out!
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Trucks are through tech and all ready to go racing tomorrow!
Heading to Vegas today like...
#itsraceweekend #silverstate300
🚁 // @239films
“The shortest way between two points is a straight line...what's the fun in that?”
Our 3rd place run at @themint400 Race Recap is live! Thanks @239films, had a blast at this race, 👆🏻the link in my bio! @winnermotorsportsgroup @fabtech_motorsports @ultrawheelcompany @trophylite


Here’s some pictures from yesterday. At approximately 2:40PM, Brea Engines BE1, BE3, BE322, along with engines from OCFA and LACoFD, were dispatched to the south bound side of the 57 freeway at Lambert to an active vegetation fire. Flames were out in about an hour with no structures threatened. Just a reminder to be aware about throwing cigarettes out windows while driving specially in areas with thick surrounding brush. @chadkessloff @brea_firefighters @ocfirefighters @orangecountyfireauthority @ocfaairops @ocsdairsupport @lacountyfd @lacofireairops @ocfirebuff @firenewsnetwork @csfafire @lacofdphotos @lacounty_firephoto @socalfirebuff1 @california_emergencybuff @firewatchphotography
There was alot of fresh powder at the #silverstate300 😂 luckily the only time we had clean air that day was through the silt beds.  @barrybk7211  @fabtech_motorsports @winnermotorsportsgroup @239films @yokohamatire @ultrawheelcompany @eibach_offroad @mpi.innovations @powersteeringsolution @trophylite @safecraft @mcsafety1 @moruzzi_race_motors @impactbymcs @fkrodends @motivegear @maximausa @kchilites @srs_coachworks @torq.army.offroad @powertrainindustries @signpros @pciraceradios @anaheimducks @anaheimducks @bestinthedesert @prerunner_army @prerunner_nation @offroadmedia @offroadnation @truckdaily @truckporn @terracrew @dillon_f_smith @optichelicopters #6068 #fabtech #trophylite #fst 📸Photo cred- @racenrave11
When people ask me “how was Silver State?” 😂😂 #silverstate300 @barrybk7211  @fabtech_motorsports @winnermotorsportsgroup @239films @yokohamatire @ultrawheelcompany @eibach_offroad @mpi.innovations @powersteeringsolution @trophylite @safecraft @moruzzi_race_motors @mcsafety1 @impactbymcs @fkrodends @motivegear @maximausa @kchilites @srs_coachworks @torq.army.offroad @powertrainindustries @signpros @pciraceradios  @anaheimducks @anaheimducks @bestinthedesert @prerunner_army @prerunner_nation @offroadmedia @offroadnation @truckdaily @truckporn @terracrew @dillon_f_smith @optichelicopters #6068 #fabtech #trophylite #fst
#trophylitetuesday @wildfields14 capturing this pic of us starting our 300 mile day🏁 @barrybk7211  @fabtech_motorsports @winnermotorsportsgroup @239films @yokohamatire @ultrawheelcompany @eibach_offroad @mpi.innovations @powersteeringsolution @trophylite @safecraft @mcsafety1 @impactbymcs @fkrodends @motivegear @maximausa @kchilites @srs_coachworks @torq.army.offroad @powertrainindustries @signpros @pciraceradios  @anaheimducks @anaheimducks @bestinthedesert @prerunner_army @prerunner_nation @offroadmedia @offroadnation @truckdaily @truckporn @terracrew @dillon_f_smith @optichelicopters #6068 #fabtech #trophylite #fst
Some raw helicopter footage of us plowing through the Nevada silt on our way to the front of the pack! Sorry @mitchguthrie5 for the dust! 👊🏻🚁- @turn2tv  @barrybk7211 @moruzzi_race_motors @fabtech_motorsports @winnermotorsportsgroup @239films @yokohamatire @ultrawheelcompany @eibach_offroad @mpi.innovations @powersteeringsolution @trophylite @safecraft @mcsafety1 @impactbymcs @fkrodends @motivegear @maximausa @kchilites @srs_coachworks @torq.army.offroad @powertrainindustries @signpros @pciraceradios  @anaheimducks @anaheimducks @bestinthedesert @prerunner_army @prerunner_nation @offroadmedia @offroadnation @truckdaily @truckporn @terracrew @dillon_f_smith @optichelicopters #6068 #fabtech #trophylite #fst
What an awesome race weekend! Started 8th and finished 1st! Couldn’t have done it without all my friends and families support🇺🇸🏁 @olivia_503 @barrybk7211 @logan.bennett145 @chadkessloff @c.bennett13 @mechase1 @sharqueen7 @kurtishilliker @ryanrantzow @corywinner_67 @bk_fabworks_racing @brendon_karakas @moruzzi_race_motors @ron1797 @fabtech_motorsports @winnermotorsportsgroup @239films @yokohamatire @ultrawheelcompany @eibach_offroad @mpi.innovations @powersteeringsolution @trophylite @safecraft @mcsafety1 @impactbymcs @fkrodends @motivegear @maximausa @kchilites @srs_coachworks @torq.army.offroad @powertrainindustries @signpros @pciraceradios  @anaheimducks @anaheimducks @bestinthedesert @prerunner_army @prerunner_nation @offroadmedia @offroadnation @truckdaily @truckporn @terracrew @dillon_f_smith @optichelicopters #6068 #fabtech #trophylite #fst
4 years today with this amazing woman😍 you make my world go round ❤️ couldn’t imagine my life without you! @olivia_503 #mynumberonesupporter #shesababe #imaluckydude
Take a look at what I see while piloting the #6068 @fabtech_motorsports Trophylite! 👀 @barrybk7211 @fabtech_motorsports @winnermotorsportsgroup @239films @yokohamatire @ultrawheelcompany @trophylite @safecraft @mcsafety1 @impactbymcs @fkrodends @motivegear @maximausa @kchilites @srs_coachworks @torq.army.offroad @powertrainindustries @signpros @pciraceradios @anaheimducks @anaheimducks @bestinthedesert @prerunner_army @prerunner_nation @offroadmedia @offroadnation @truckdaily @truckporn @terracrew @dillon_f_smith #6068 #fabtech #trophylite #fst
Our @themint400 video is up! Go check it out👊🏻 links in the bio @barrybk7211 @fabtech_motorsports @winnermotorsportsgroup @239films @yokohamatire @ultrawheelcompany @trophylite @safecraft @mcsafety1 @impactbymcs @fkrodends @motivegear @maximausa @kchilites @srs_coachworks @torq.army.offroad @powertrainindustries @signpros @pciraceradios @moruzzi_race_motors @anaheimducks @anaheimducks @bestinthedesert @prerunner_army @prerunner_nation @offroadmedia @offroadnation @truckdaily @truckporn @terracrew @dillon_f_smith @optichelicopters #6068 #fabtech #trophylite #fst
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